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TCosbyJr working on a project

My name is Thomas Cosby Jr and I work as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and comic author. I live in Indiana with my wife Melinda and our pets – a shih tzu named Shelly, and three cats named Smokey, Stormie, and Sissy.

Short biography

My first dated drawing, was of my Great Grandma Brummette, when I was 3 years old. Shortly after that I set-up a card table as a gallery booth where I sold my drawings to my family. All through school I passed my time filling countless notebooks with drawings, and took every art class available.

After school I worked many various jobs but was always looking for something better. Finally I left my last job as a meat department manager to attend college. Two years at college in funeral service I took a art class for fun, and switched to Illustration/Graphic Design.

I started working freelance in my third year at college. Then I found out my degree was worthless beyond what I learned. Any local jobs that required a degree wanted a bachelor, not the associate I would receive. So in my fourth and final year I decided to save my time/money/debt by leaving college and continue on my own working freelance.

Since then I have continued learning by reading, work itself, and talking to other professional artists. I have had many projects as well and I am glad that I found art again.

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